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," he said.Chinese policymakers and financial regulators are pushi▓ng to further liberalize the onshore markets▓.The Chinese central bank has boosted the daily trading quo▓ta by four times under the Stock Connect programs between Hong Kong and the mainland stock exchanges in Shanghai and Shenzhen.China and the United Kingdom are also preparing to launch a trading link between Shanghai and London this y▓ear, which will allow investors in each country to trade ▓shares listed on the other's stock exchange."The recent new initiatives from the Chinese government to▓ further open up the Chinese capital mark▓et are extremely encouraging for global investors, particularly when the global financial markets are clou

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ded at the moment by the risk of the globalization trend reversing," said Li of EFG Asset Management.Agreed Bo▓kobza of Societe Generale. "With freedom for ma▓inland investors to trade offshore and foreig▓n investors to buy mainland shares, principally thanks to ▓the 'connect scheme' in Hong Kong, and soon perhaps via the UK, Chinese shares are extraordinarily liquid."Traded volume as a percent-age of market capitalization is 20 percent in China, and only 8 percent in the

countries ha

ve been wo▓rking acti

US, he said."China A sh▓ares offer an incredible mix of leverage to th▓e

country's domestic economy. That's why, we want to buy them for the next decade. More so because we expect China's stocks to stay neutral, largely unaffected, when the next US market crisis occurs. For example, the Shenzhen Com▓posite Index has among the lowest correlations of all major ▓global indices to the S&P500 index at ▓just 8 percent."The expected foreign capital inflows will likely help deepen as well as stabilize the Chines▓e capital market, besides fostering a mature an

vely in the development of a

d ra▓tional investment style among retail investors who have been shortsighted

so far."The A-share inclusion in the MSCI EM Index will also expand the usage of the renminbi and enrich▓ the market of financial derivative▓ products related to Chinese securities," ▓said Wei Zhen, director of China researc▓h at MSCI Inc.But the greater presence of Chinese securities in the global financial system will also mean more challenges for international money managers, which will p▓rompt them to review and refine their investment st▓rateg


re-oriented internatio

ies, Wei said."There will be a demand for long-term experience and capability

of t▓rading the A shares and managing the risks ass▓ociated with them. Many international in▓stitutional investors lack such capability," he said.As for the Chinese bond market, chal▓lenges for foreign investors could be how to reconcile or re▓classify onshore ratings in a global in▓dex, and the limited liquidity and weak▓ disclosure standards, which hinders fa▓ir market pricing and efficient secondary trading, said▓ Nino Siu, a senior analyst at Moody's Inv▓estors Service.But the Chin

nal cooperation and

ese government has already moved to reform and improve pricing and secondary m

arket liquid▓ity of government and policy bank bonds▓, which used to be a major hurdle for international inv▓estors.Measures such as opening access to the fore▓ign exchange derivatives market for foreign inv▓estors to hedge their bond positions, and tighter cor▓porate bond collateralization rules are aimed at controlling▓ systemic risks while pushing onshore market practices and standards closer to global standa▓rds, Siu said.The opening up of the Chin


ese capital markets is not just a one-way street. The country's foreign exchange regulator is also mulling a▓n increase in outbound investment quota▓ for qualified domestic institutional investors. It may also approve a new trading quota for ▓foreign funds that raise onshore money to invest in overseas markets.Please scan the QR ▓Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on Wechat

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  • lication.Xiaomi's value is about US$100 billion, making it one of the largest technology firms▓ in China. In 2017, Xiaomi's revenue was 114.62 billion yuan (US$18.33 billion), up 67.5 p▓ercent from 2016.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease scan the QR Code to follow us on WechatU.S. telemedicine taps Chinese marketU.S. tele▓medicine taps Chinese marketU.S. telemedicine taps Chinese market05-21-2018 16:55▓ BJTHOUSTON -- In the past, seeing a physician and getting medical treatment could mean taking the day off work or traveling long distances to the doctor's office.But in today's technology driven world, connecting a healthcare professional is just a click a▓way as more medical practitioners embrac▓e telemedicine to bridge geographical divisions."Telemed▓icine saves patients the time of travelling long distances if they're not going to be candidates for treatment," said Dr. Anthony Lucci, a surg▓eon at The University of Te

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ording ▓to thei

xas MD Anderson Cancer Center in Houston.Physicians and companies are taking the advantage of telemedicine to reach more patien▓ts around the world, particularly in China. U.S. researcher believe that the fast growing telemedicine mar▓ket in China will surpass that in the Unite▓d States and Japan to become the world largest in the near f

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